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This month: March 2017
If these Canadians lived in the United States, how would they protect their privacy?
This paper contributes to the debate about the adequacy of the United States’ fragmented system of privacy protection, an outlier among modern industrialized Western democracies, by taking the perspective of an individual seeking redress for privacy invasions. Five actual privacy cases from the Canadian private sector are examined. Would these privacy “wrongs” be illegal in the U.S.? How would an individual proceed with a complaint? What might be the outcomes?
Also this month
Spatio-temporal mapping of street art using Instagram
By scraping metadata from Instagram images tagged with #MelbourneStreetArt, this paper describes geographical and temporal maps of street art in Melbourne, Australia. Geo-tagged metadata leads to the creation of spatial heat maps to identify physical locations of high-image production. Caption data beneath the images allows searching for high frequency words, used to identify patterns within the online audience’s relationship to street art. Finally by calculating the number of images produced each day and cross-referencing with corresponding caption data, historically significant events are tracked within Melbourne’s street art culture.



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